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Esses Estate creates sophisticated, limited release, vintage sparklings, handcrafted to reflect the stunning terroir with in which they are grown. Esses have received significant accolades from wine critics.

Top ranked by bob campbell

Seth Brut Cuvée NV

Beautiful sparkling that is perfect with oysters, seafood and salad. Stunning for sitting in the sun with a platter.

Absolute necessity for Champagne breakfast at Christmas and a perfect popper for New Years Eve.


Rated in Michael Coopers Top Sparklings for 2023

Reconnection 2018 Brut Cuvée

A palate that offers buttery croissant, hints of apple and pear, and a finish enriched with flint and ginger spice, it provides a luxurious and memorable tasting experience.


Flagship wine

Coeur de Cuvée 2015 Blanc de Blanc

This remarkable wine was gently hand pressed in a traditional wooden basket pressed. The individual grapes simply burst, releasing stunningly pure juice. Coeur de Cuvée means “Heart of the free run press


2022 Top wines for discerning drinkers

Millésime 2016 Brut Cuvée

Incredible wine that we have only released 594 bottles of and retained the remainder on lees for the Grand Millésime.


"outstanding" - Cameron DOuglas MS

Dame Syme 2014 Brut Cuvée

The fine bubble effervescence enhances the wine's elegance, while the extended 8 years aging on lees guarantees a level of sophistication and complexity that is truly unparalleled.


powerful wine with complex flavours - candice chow

Grand Coeur 2015 Vintage Blanc de Blanc

Dry on the palate with a refreshing fine
bubble-mousse quality. Balanced and well made, integrated and ready.


Extremely Rare

Madame Sec 2012

Decadence and indulgence. Rich nectar notes and golden hues embody this elegantly matured vintage sparkling.


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Methode Traditionelle: Labour of Love

Esses uses the traditional French method, Méthode Traditionnelle, to produce rich, refined, and complex vintage sparkling, with each vintage taking up to five years to make. This is the same technique that is undertaken in Champagne and is a labour of love, driven by passion and patience. Exceptional wine takes time.

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"It smelled immediately of apple crumble, almond biscuits and vanilla brioche which carried onto the palate alongside fresh ripe red and green apples and light lemon tart. I was in a celebratory mood!"

“I don’t even drink bubbles, but this is amazing”

“Beautiful bubbles with low sulphites. Usually, I cannot drink bubbles as react poorly to sulphites, however this one I can easily drink. So Excited”