Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée
Seth NV Brut Cuvée

Seth NV Brut Cuvée

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Fresh. Vibrant. Relaxed. 

This Méthode Traditionnelle is a true lovely lively sparkling. With its pale straw colour, captivating aromas of floral and citrus notes, a palate that balances fruit flavours and acidity, and a finish that combines mineral and coastal elements, it offers a complete and memorable tasting experience.

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THE STory of


Seth is the pigeon pair to the previous release of Pia NV, with an extra 12 months on lees.

Seth and Pia were two gorgeous workers that came to work on the vineyard in 2016, arriving 2 days before the Kaikoura Earthquake in 2016.

Three days after the earthquake, they asked if they could have a chat, which we had assumed that they want to evacuate. On the contary, they wanted to stay the full six weeks. PIa was a yoga, instructor and ran free classses in the park and Seth was a chef and helped out across teh community, even cooking thanksgiving pumpkin for the neighbours.

Three weeks into their stay, we found out it was their honeymoon. Seth and Pia spent their honeymoon helping us and the Kaikoura community recovery after a 7.8 earthquake.

Seth is a blend of out 2017 earthquake harvest, which was pressed on the vineyard and then transported 7 hours via inland route to the winery and our 2018 vintage,

Premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Hand basket-pressed on the vineyard

48 months on lees

Vegan friendly


Dosage: 6g/L

Top Ranked

Rich, creamy wine with
ginger, brioche, and citrus flavours supported by mellow acidity. 95/100

Bob Campbell MW

Fresh and Racy

This fresh, racy, non-vintage wine. It is bright, light lemon/green, with crisp, citrusy, yeasty, very vigorous flavours,
biscuity notes adding complexity, and a smooth finish.

MIchael Cooper


Dry with an excellent weight and energy, youthful and plush with a vibrant
velvet textured mousse. Balanced, well made and ready with a citrus peel, peach and apple fruits quality.

Cameron Douglas MS

Seth was aged on lees for 48 months creating complex characteristics with vibrant fruit driven palate with persistent effervescence.